Saturday, August 4, 2018


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“Searches Related To…”

Did you ever notice that when you scroll to the bottom of Google’s search results there’s
a section called, “Searches related to…”?
It looks like this:

Well this little area is a gold mine for long tail keywords.

Just type in any keyword that you want to target for an article or product page:


Scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the “Searches related to…”
for that keyword:

Usually you’ll get a mix of close variations of your main keyword:
(These are sometimes great keywords to target because they’re very long tail and have
less competition than Body or Head Keywords)
Google will also sometimes show you a gem: a related keyword that’s related…but isn’t
just a simple variation of the keyword you entered.
In this case, Google has given us 3 keywords that are thematically related to the
keyword I used in this example (“premium headphones”):

And these keywords don’t show up when you use the keyword “premium headphones”
as your seed keyword in the Google Keyword Planner.
Pro Tip: Take one of the keywords from the “Searches related to…” area, pop that into
Google, and check out the “Searches related to…” results for thatkeyword. Rinse and
repeat until you have a laundry list of awesome keywords that the Keyword Planner doesn’t show you.
FB Jam honest review, fb jam honest review